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A La Carte Services

Ceremony Only Coordinator |$900*

Eloping? Is a relative is hosting your reception? Or maybe you just need help with ceremony logistics, flow, and planning? This flexible option can be personalized to your dream wedding day! Give me a call, and we can chat about your vision and see what would work best for your personal wedding day! *exact fee determined by your specific wedding plans.

The Wedding Consultant |$1000

Do you want someone with over 18 years of wedding experience to be able to consult with throughout the entire planning process? When combined with the Day-Of package, or on it's own if you don't need a Day-Of Coordinator, this gives you in depth and unlimited calls and emails with an expert throughout your planning process and is a perfect add-on to the Day-Of Coordinator package!

Add an Assistant |$395

If your wedding is over 155 guests, the venue property is spread out, and/or personal décor items are extensive, an extra assistant may be required.  This will be discussed before contract signing or during the event planning process as coordinator sees fit.

Hourly Rate |$150

Does your venue require someone to be present for rental delivery or pick-up? Do you need someone to pick-up your specialty linen from the linen company? 

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